MMA fighter Mark Martin suffered a very serious eye injury over the weekend during a fight, and the evidence of the injury didn't show until the second round was about to start.

Martin went through the first round against Dilano Taylor at the PFL Challenger Series 2 on Saturday night, and seemingly was ready to fight round two. That is, until he blew his nose.

Doctor's believe that an orbital fracture suffered in the first round was the true cause of the injury, but the eyeball didn't uncover the fracture until he blew his nose. Martin went to his corner between rounds and got water, cleaned up, and got ready to fight round two when the official suddenly called a doctor over to check him out.

The video from the fight's broadcast shows a seemingly okay Martin discussing something with the official, and then turning his head to show his left eye hanging out of its socket, barely held in place by his eyelids.

PFLMMA via Twitter
PFLMMA via Twitter

He almost looked like the inspiration of those old spring glasses with eyeballs.


Check out the video from the fight's broadcast:

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