If you're a farmer and/or rancher in Missouri, having your cattle attacked by a predator is a part of life. However, there's a new share of a story from a Missouri farmer who claims that his sheep were attacked by a creature that towered 7 feet above him.

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This sinister encounter that's just been shared on the YouTube channel Lilith Dread apparently took place in April of 2012. As the story goes, the farmer had inherited land his family had owned for generations. No specific location is given, but he mentioned that it's approximately 1 1/2 hours from St. Louis in the Mark Twain National Forest which would place it in this part of Missouri.

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Early in 2012, he had been losing sheep which he attributed to a bear he had seen near his property every now and then.

The farmer noted that during the evening hours of that April day in 2012 his sheep and his dog had seemed very unsettled. That led to an encounter that happened around 10p that night.

He said that his dog was barking wildly near the sheep pen, so he went outside with his rifle in hand to see what was causing the ruckus. It was then that he saw a 7 foot tall silhouette standing near his sheep with his dog running back and forth wildly.

He couldn't see the face, but whatever stood before him was bipedal which meant it was not a bear. It had a dog-like yet almost human appearance. This beast just stared him and his dog down with neither budging.

Fortunately for all involved, whatever the creature was ran off into the nearby woods while the farmer, dog and sheep were quivering.

Is this another sighting of what some believe is a "dog-man" or a bear that's more adept at walking on back legs? The farmer is convinced it's the former as this story joins many others claiming that something not natural resides in the woods of the Mark Twain National Forest.

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