Two Quad City Metal Musicians take their radio show to I-Rock 93.5 and make their cult followers part of their show.

Written by Tanya Duncan

Brian Miner’s creation Miner Disturbance Radio started off as a podcast with 90 episodes. He was approached by 97X to do a radio show about the local rock scene.  After 3 years at that station, he has taken his show to the new I-Rock 93.5 but with a new theme of old-school metal and old hard rock deep cuts.  He is joined by another local musician, Travis Williams.

Anyone who knows Brian Miner knows his musical inspiration came from the band KISS.  He has played guitar for Lynn Allen, Cheese Pizza, and Lustalots to name a few.   He was a vocalist for Third Rail and Divebomb.  Brian played guitar and vocals in the band Drophammer, which has two albums to their credit.  Brian has also recorded a solo album under the name Zach Alex.   He is a self-taught guitarist with a past award for Quad City Top guitarist in the under 21 age category.

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Travis Williams is the co-host of MDR and has been described as a "genius" by some of the MDR followers.  He is a mostly self-taught guitar player who got his inspiration from the Big Four Metal Bands and started playing at age 12.  He has played with Unsound, Mariannis, and is currently doing vocals for the band Dead Forms.

Brian and Travis first met at the 97X Griggs Guitar Contest and then ran into each other again down the road when Travis was working at the music store Music Go Round in 1998.

Join Brian and Travis every Saturday night “at the metal altar” on I-Rock 93.5 at 8 PM Central. You can listen from anywhere by downloading the I-Rock 93.5 app. Give them an old-school metal or hard rock “deep cut” “shout out” by hitting the “record shout out button. They will put your request on their metal wheel of destiny and spin it to pick a song request.  Hear their commentary on your choice. Their difference in music styles and opinions will almost always leave you laughing AND you will learn something too. You can also participate in the conversation DURING their show by joining their MDR Cult page on Facebook.

How did you hear about the Miner Disturbance Radio show and the MDR Cult Page on Facebook?

Mine isn’t much of a story but more obvious. Haha! Married to the man. Dee Miner Iowa, Admin.

Brian and I spilled the same blood in the same mud at countless places blasting out 4 hundred thousand megawatts of nuclear brain damage for the crowds!!! OOH YEAH Edward Hamilton Illinois, Former Bandmate

I was actually an MDR podcast follower for quite some time. I have been in the scene for a number of years as a metal vocalist and actually had Travis as my vocal engineer for one of my projects. Also seeing DropHammer perform for many shows I had known who Brian was. When 93.5 switched over to I-Rock I was extremely excited as Ryan MCcreddin playlists are more in tune with my musical taste. When MDR was switched to I-Rock I was listening weekly from episode Jason Ian Pettie and I would be on Brian Miner Facebook threads chatting back in forth about the picks. He and I actually were the first to do listener picks. We went head to head in a Team Brian vs Team Travis Cage Match. Stryper vs. Testament. We were both fortunate enough to be asked back for the second round of Battles, but this time it was Team Travis vs Team Travis and Team Brian vs Team Brian. I believe I was up against Matt Kerschner and he played Ministry against my Death Angel. It's been very fun to see how many contributors we have grown to. The Cult is alive and strong!! Wonk Zilla Illinois, Group Expert & Moderator.

I heard about MDR just by being a fan of the podcast they did on YouTube & by being a fan of Brian’s music… they said they were gonna try to do a radio show & see how it went & I tuned in on the app on the very 1st show. I listen every Saturday night if I can. I introduced my son Ian to the show and I enjoy participating in the cult page when I am off the road. I also like turning my friends on to MDR. Jason Ian Pettie MS, Admin.

Jason Ian Pettie and I had been friends for some time.  In the summer of 2019, he told me about Miner Disturbance Radio and the great old-school metal songs they played.  The following week, I downloaded the I-Rock 93.5 app, checked out the show, and the rest is history.  From Team Brian’s five choices versus Team Travis’s five choices to the transformations of listener requests and the metal wheel of destiny, no complaints.  It is the rock for the remnant. Oscar Graves Texas, Founding Member

I have known Brian for a long time. Met him as a teenager, but did not get to know him until I started going to Third Rail shows in 2009 or 2010. I was a regular at the shows because Brian has an awesome voice and the band was always a lot of fun. So I became friends with Brian and his wife Dee. I have been listening to MDR since it started on YouTube, and then when he started on 97X and followed to 93.5. Brian and Travis are definitely entertaining to list to, and I learn about bands that I have never listened to, some I still won't…lol (Voivod) and I have found that there were some bands that I need to check out and listen to more of their stuff. I love the show and hope that Brian and Travis have even more success with it. Tonya Jessie Illinois,  Founding Member

I first started listening to MDR when they were on 97x.  Joe Wellman introduced me to the show.  I wasn’t a dedicated listener, just sporadically.  Then Joe mentioned them to me again, and they had moved to 93.5.  I just listened at first, then got involved with the cult chat.  I love the show.  I love hearing songs that aren’t usually played, and songs that are usually forgotten about unless you listen to SiriusXM.  The group chat is awesome and I feel like I have gained a great group of friends.  So I owe it all to Joe Wellman. Mary Bragg SE Iowa, Cult Member

I found Miner Disturbance Radio on the radio dial after hearing the promo on I-Rock and making it a point to listen one Saturday Night. I used to record the show as well and listen on my walks around my neighborhood during COVID and doing a lot of telework. Not long after listening I friended Brian on FB and chimed in a little on his MDR threads off of his profile. As soon as he established the MDR Cult page I was there posting and spreading "mayhem" and discontent. I hope I meet the demented standards of my fellow Cult members. Shout out to the Cult!!! Mark Kane Iowa, Founding Member.

I followed Travis and Brian on their podcast for years Thomas Hendren (MONGO) Illinois, Cult Member

Even though I've known Travis for quite some time, I'm here for the content. I'm stuck in the past. Living off of yesterday's dreams. I have many memories associated with the music that we get to hear. I'm not willing to let them go either! Pete Bernal Illinois, Cult Member

I met Brian and Travis at the very first MDR jam. I was put onto their YouTube podcast before that because of my all-time favorite band The Hong Kong Sleepover. I've been to all of the MDR live jams (waiting for another) and watched all of the stuff on… Joe Wellman SE Iowa, Founding Member and KISS Hater.

I first heard about MDR through Dwyer from the Dwyer & Michaels show talking about Brian and Travis podcasts. Dwyer would randomly post links to good episodes. So I would watch them along with ones I would find all by myself or interesting. Then Dwyer said he was bringing them to 97x for Sat night show! So I started listening on every Saturday night before I knew about the forums.

Then I liked the MDR Facebook page and a little bit after that Brian friended me on Facebook. He posted a link to where they were talking on the MDR page. Then they moved to 93.5. That's where I interacted with Brian, Jason and Wonk a small few others.

Then one night Brian put on there he wanted to a face-off between fans. Team Brian vs Team Travis. So we put in our requests. Mine was Ministry vs whatever Wonk had! After that went over so well. Brian asked for shout-outs to help the show, then asked us to put in song requests that he would put on after playing theirs. It was a weekly thing and us original members loved it! Us select few would get a song every week then chat into the forums. Then Brian had an idea pitched it to Travis about the closer etc etc. And then the rest is history as we say cuz we have our own group where it became the cult. With killer song picks and epic shout-out to the cult. This is our release to the world that classic metal and regular metal isn't dead that it still lives here in our Midwest Quad Cities but more than that in our lives, world and hearts. That we get to share with the world and our peeps that love the same music as we do. We get to influence and discover music to people that may have never heard of that metal band or knew of that band but never got into them. But now with MDR and the cult members have given them another chance. And that right there is what this show and the street team are all about. And I thank Brian and Travis weekly for it cuz it's a family now that generally love and cares for one another not just through words, comments or messages but through great metal music of any era! And that is a beautiful thing if you ask me. So thanks to everyone and of course SHOUT OUT TO THE CULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT!!!!!  Matt Kershner (The Dawg) Illinois, Founding Member

February 2020 I believe back when MDR was on 97x. MDR is on while I'm at work. Was going on dinner break when I turned my truck on and heard old-school metal being played. Was nice to hear music that isn't the same recycled bands over and over. Nice to hear music that isn't played on the radio. So I have started listening regularly ever since. MDR is on while I'm driving (truck driver) so I don't really get much chance to talk in the forum. As far as team Brian vs team Travis goes, I am team metal! I don't pick sides i like it all.  I just like all metal. All old-school rock and roll. The 80s for me is the best music IMO. Yes, I have my selections of stuff I don't like but sometimes I can find some good in those. I'd like to thank Brian and Travis for allowing me to be a part of the group.  Richard McCleave Iowa, Founding Member

I discovered MDR while listening to the radio one Saturday night.  Brian's music choice of old-school metal drew me in but Travis's knowledge fascinates me still today.  I thought "How can someone know so much on any and all music?"  then I was introduced to "The Cult" in the MDR forum and the rest is history.  I talked my husband Steve Irwin into doing a shout-out where his 1st two picks got him "The Closer" back to back and he's been a faithful cult member since.  It's put a little fun rivalry in the household to see which one of us gets picked!  Or NOT! Michelle & Steve Irwin Iowa,  MDR Cult Members

When I saw All American Carpet Cleanings’ van I knew I had to hire them to do my carpets. Why? I own and operate ALL American Window Cleaning and I thought it would be cool if we did some cross-promoting. When Brian arrived I recognized him as being the singer for the band that opened up for Warrant at the bike rally. I have seen Brian play at Purgatories and Stic Mans MANY years ago. This opened up a conversation about metal music and the local music scene, I can “talk turkey” with the best of them. He mentioned his radio show Miner Disturbance Radio. It wasn’t until they took their show from 97X to I-Rock 93.5 that I heard one of their shows. I had my radio permanently set on 93.5 and they played an old Motley Crue song in that airing. I said to myself, “That’s cool, I haven’t heard that song forever.” Being a huge metal music lover myself I started “making it a date” every Saturday night to listen to their show. Things got REALLY exciting when Brian made it a show ALL about the listeners. I really enjoy participating in their Facebook Cult page too. Personally, I think they could make it big.

Warning: The MINER DISTURBANCE RADIO Show is not always suitable for children. 

Tanya Duncan Iowa, Moderator and AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE.








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