The Metal Tour of the Year 2022 is coming to Eastern Iowa.  April 27th at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse in Cedar Rapids, Megadeth with Lamb of God and special guests Trivium and In Flames.

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The must-see "Metal Tour of the Year" first laid waste to venues across the country in August and September 2021 playing to sold-out crowds with almost the same lineup.  That tour also featured Megadeth, Lamb of God, and Trivium.  But, due to international visa issues, In Flames had to drop off that part of the tour and Hatebreed took over as the opener.

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Megadeth has brought the metal to the masses since 1985 when first hitting the scene with "Killin is My Business...and Business is Good!".  With five platinum albums on the mantel, Megadeth will be releasing new music this spring with the album "The Sick, The Dying...and the Dead!"  After 37 years, Dave Mustaine is still leading the way for metalheads across the country.

Speaking on the success of the initial leg of the tour and his excitement in hitting the road again in 2022, Megadeth's Mustaine says “The Metal Tour of The Year is exactly what it sounds like – a night of some of the best heavy metal bands in the world – live and loud. Anyone who came to a show last year knows what I mean, only this one’s going be even better. Do not miss out.”

Lamb of God

While it hasn't been 37 years, Lamb of God is no newbie to the metal world.  Starting in 2000 LoG has released 8 albums as they have cemented themselves as one of the premier heavy metal bands in the world.  The Lamb of God lineup has been very consistent over the last 22 years with only one change recently as drummer Chris Adler left the band and was replaced by Art Cruz.

Randy Blythe, of Lamb of God, adds "It was great to get out on the road for an incredible tour last summer with Megadeth, Trivium and Hatebreed so we
figured we'd do it again! We look forward to hitting new cities with Megadeth, Trivium and In Flames, who we're happy to have over for leg 2!"

Trivium and In Flames

Trivium’s Matthew Kiichi Heafy adds “The Metal Tour Of The Year was one of the strongest, most incredible Metal tours in ages - it’s namesake nothing but accurate. How do you follow that up? By doing it again - even bigger, even better, and have it play
everywhere it didn’t on the first leg. MTOTYII - let’s do this. “

With In Flames singer, Anders Fridén stating "We are excited to finally be able to join our dear friends in Megadeth, Lamb of God, and Trivium on this year’s, Metal Tour of The Year! We can’t wait to be back on the road in America and to reunite with you all. Don’t miss this tour it’s a juggernaut.”


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