I use to commute 45 minutes to work every day. Two years ago my commute cost $300 a month. This year it hit a record high of $674 a month. It was getting so bad that I actually moved. I bought a house because I was tired of the gas prices (and obviously other reasons too.) But I am so thankful I moved. I truly feel for those who commute.

We are seeing gas prices jump 20 cents a gallon overnight in the Quad Cities! These record highs are an absolute pain.

Why Commuting Keeps Getting Worse

A difficult part with commuting is that very few people live around you that also work where you do making carpooling next to impossible. Not to mention many places are asking people to come back to work, so while living far away a couple of years ago worked since many people were able to work from home or do half and a half just isn't a thing anymore. If you can work from home I'm super happy for you!

I'm very familiar with budgeting for commute, but that was back when gas was $3.89, which at the time was super high, and made me have to make some changes to spending, now it's almost $5! That's some serious change.

The Thing That Helped Me

I know this is frustrating and you're tired of "Quick tips to save at the pump" but as someone who had to stop at the pump almost 3 times a week, I did really see some financial benefits to joining the rewards programs. It's not a lot, but it does actually help to save here and there plus it's free to join all of them.

In the end, if you do have a long drive and you're really breeding those gas prices, you're not alone. It's stressful, it's frustrating, and I truly hope something get's figured out. In the end, these gas prices are so bad I bought a house to save money. Man it's really gotten that bad.

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