Tis the season to celebrate love, or maybe it's the time to finally separate your ex's stuff from your life.

Yes, we are going to be bombarded with chocolate, flower and jewelery ads for the next week, but we're also getting to the fun side of Valentine's Day promotions, the ANTI-promotions.

For years, it's been a lot of the same... name a gross bug after your ex, but this year there are absolutely some more creative options!

My favorite comes from Chateau Ste. Michelle and it's not just because we share the same name.

It is because they're offering wine in exchange for your ex's things.

Here's the deal, you have stuff from your Ex that you probably don't need to hold on to anymore. SO... Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery is asking for you to submit a photo and backstory about your ex and the item you still have on hand, and you might be able to 'exchange,' it for a winery gift card.

They're calling it the Great EXchange.

I think the idea is to get rid of the item after you submit the photo, but hey, you do whatever you want.

I've been gifted Chateau Ste. Michelle wine a handful of times, for obvious reasons, and I definitely would reccomend trying to score some of their wine in this 'EXchange.'

According to a study the wine company held, the number one item we keep from Ex's is photos, followed by gifted clothes or accessories, cards or letters and jewelry.

Will you submit something?

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