Korn's new album, Requiem, drops tomorrow (Feb. 4) and its successor is already underway, per Jonathan Davis, who told Music Feeds that the band has continued to write new material.

Throughout their nearly three decade long career, Korn have generally been fearless when it comes to their music, letting their creative whims take them in either fresh directions or back to basics. Being so bold about stylistic evolution can have its drawbacks as some fans may not take to a particular sound, but that's not something that really concerns Davis anymore, having been through this cycle many times before.

The singer admitted that the group "failed miserably" at recapturing their past on Korn III: Remember Who You Are and, when it comes to fan reactions, he said, "I sit there and I read some of the comments, but I think at this point in my career I’m really just happy putting out what we’re all, as a band, collectively happy about. If the fans like it, great. If they don’t, it’s the 14th fucking record – you’ve got a lot more records to listen to. It doesn’t freak me out like it did back in the early days."

Stressing the importance of not letting these perceptions seep into the writing process, Davis added, "If we made records trying to make everyone happy they would suck. You’d just go into a fucking spiral and overthink everything and it wouldn’t be art and in that moment. The five guys sitting in a room, that’s what counts. You get a producer, you hope that people like it."

And before fans have even had time to react to all of Requiem, with three singles — "Start the Healing," "Forgotten" and "Lost in the Grandeur" — already out to serve as a preview, Korn are already looking at their next new album.

"We're already working on another record," Davis confirmed, "That'll be album 15. It's nice being in a band with guys you get along with and you love. I get excited to write with the guys and a lot of people in bands that have been in bands as long as us, they hate each other – they can't even be in the same fucking room."

Korn's headlining U.S. tour with Chevelle and Code Orange begins in March and you can head here to see if they're playing near you.

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