The jumping worm has been spotted in several Iowa counties and it's a destructive thing that you're asked to dispose of if you encounter it.

I always love when nature takes an already gross-enough bug and adds a skill to it and that's what we have with the jumping worm in Iowa. As KCCI reports, they're a type of earthworm and they get that name because they jump and wriggle very violently when you find them.

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This summer, the worms have been found in Scott County, according to KCWI, and also in the counties of: Polk, Story, Winneshiek, Dubuque, Clayton, Buchanan, Muscatine, Linn, Johnson, and Jefferson.

Guys, the eggs of these things are 2 millimeters and can stick to the bottom of your shoe, according to Donald Lewis, Iowa State University entomology professor.

Why Are They A Problem?

Basically, they eat more than garden worms do and there isn't a pesticide right now that can deal with them. Cornell University says that they can help spread invasive plant species too as they infest the soil. In summary: they mess up the landscaping and you don't want them in your garden.

What Do I Do When I Find Them?

You'll see a white band around them, that's how you know it's a jumping worm. Step one is to not call me because I will not be there but what you should do is actually specific. According to Cornell:

If you have a small population of jumping worms, handpick and destroy them by bagging them and throwing them in the trash, or place them in a bag and leave out in the sun for at least 10 minutes; then throw the bag away.

Hopefully, you won't encounter these this summer.

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