Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida yesterday, and there's a few clips from the news and other sources that have gone viral.

First off, Jim Cantore, perhaps the greatest of hurricane reporters, did the usual thing he does and went out to try to stand out in the storm as 110mph winds hit Punta Gorda.

Unlike any other time he's done this, he actually got taken out by the storm - or more-so a tree branch that came down the street and swept his feet out from under him.

Reporters out in the storm yesterday protected their microphones from the water by sticking them inside of condoms before reporting. 

Many reporters are doing this, but the one credited with doing it first is Kyla Galer, from NBC2. 

Here's Kyla Galer reporting with the condom around her microphone:

The storm surge in Fort Myers has brought at least 6 feet of water into the streets. Check out this video from a camera that is mounted six feet off of the ground, getting submerged by the violent flooding. 

It's wild, this is what this camera typically looks like:

And here's a crazy timelapse of the water rushing into Ft. Myers Beach:

The Sanibel Causeway, the only way on and off of Sanibel island, collapsed into the Gulf of Mexico yesterday, meaning those who didn't evacuate the storm and stuck it out are now stuck on the island until a solution can be created for them. 

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