Every city in America has both good and bad things about them. Most people places they refuse to visit because of the bad. A recent article released by Ranker claims to have a list of cities and towns to stay very far away from.

Sadly for Illinois, the great state has a town on this list.


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The Rankings Meaninga

While this list appears to be more opinion rather than fact, it's interesting to see what everyone's personal experiences have been in these creepy towns and cities. 

-Please keep in mind that this list is the end all be all of the rankings-

With many big cities always getting put on lists like these it is also interesting to see what smaller cities make the cut.

The Number One Spot

So who had the honor of being the 'Town in America to Stay Far, Far Away From"? It looks like that goes to Brandywine, West Virginia.  Ranker went on to say,

Years ago, I stopped in a little town called Brandywine in West Virginia. Walked into a bar, and right away everyone turned and glared at me. A couple of good old boys asked me if I was looking for trouble, and if I wasn't [then] I should move on.

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The Illinois City To "Avoid"

Anna, Illinois found itself in at number 14 for cities to avoid with other cities like Sand Mountain, Georgia, and Lewiston, Main ahead of it. When talking about Anna the Article states,

Anna, IL, would count for me. It has a reputation of being a sundown town even now. Most people forget about Southern IL, and it shows. Hell, most of SIL is like that. Nothing to do.

William Howell

About Anna Illinois

On the lighter end of things, sources say Anna is the largest community and retail trade center in Union County... so that's fun.

Clearly, the history, and even what it is today gets it on Ranker's list. It went on to say,

The colleges are dying, and with their places like Carbondale (the closest thing to civilization outside of the St. Louis burbs). There are no jobs worth much, so anyone who wants to go somewhere in life would move elsewhere quickly.

Sadly its history is dark. Another source from propublica.org had this to say about the city's past,

Most people I met in Anna, Illinois, wish the racist lore behind the city’s name would go away.

You can learn more here. Still, it isn't the number one spot.

What do you think of these spots? Have you visited them before? let us know on our app.

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