What's worse... snoring or smoking? Turns out for a lot of Illinois residents, snoring is actually impacting their lives more than smoking. 

Every year about this time, we hear about broken new year's resolutions. You decided spending two hours a day at the gym wasn't quite what you thought it was... or maybe you forgot you were going to be nicer to your co-workers. It happens to the best of us.

Many of those new year's resolutions have to do with health. Whether that is to eat healthier, drink more water, or perhaps stop something that's unhealthy, like smoking?

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But, would you have ever predicted that more people would want to stop snoring than smoking?



A new study from Snusboss, analyzed Google searches for habits and changes as we moved into 2024 and all of this info has the company claiming that more Illinois residents hope to stop snoring this year rather than quit smoking.

Now, I am always pretty critical when I read studies like this, I mean how do our Google searches directly corollate to New Year's resolutions?

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Just because more people in Illinois are searching for tips to help them stop snoring doesn't mean that's their resolution. Also, maybe more people are searching for snoring tips because they know what they need to do to quit smoking... I mean I'm sure it's hard but to quit smoking, you just have to quit smoking. You can't just tell yourself to stop snoring.

What do you think, is this study legit?

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