If the game is boring because, let's face it, the Bears aren't in it, at least your taste buds will be on high alert.

Hey, I like hot stuff as much as the next guy but I do have limits.

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Such as, I've never had a ghost pepper but I like Sriracha, Tapatio, and whatever other run-of-the-mill hot sauces you can throw at me.

Bowl of sriracha sauce
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I'm so confident I could hang with the heat that I think I could pull off a Hot Ones episode if I was invited until we hit the ghost pepper sauced wings.

There are tons of people who think black pepper and onion are "too spicy." They also believe a medium salsa is a four-alarm fire and the heat from a four-alarm fire sauced wing is beyond anything they could imagine.

That said, CBS Sports put together a list of each state's favorite Super Bowl snack and I am unsure where we stand on this appetizer when it comes to its spicyness.

Jalapeno Poppers

Crispy and spicy, these little nuggets are a surefire party hit. The downside, though, is that one too many might throw you overboard. Unless you've got the 'rona and can't taste anything, you can't be munching on these all night long.

Jalapeno poppers with sour cream
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Rarely have I ever been blown away by the heat or spice of a jalapeno popper but I'd still eat one if offered.

For Wisconsin, CBS Sports says pulled pork is the favorite which I'm here for, unlike the Bears at the Super Bowl.

Pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw on brioche buns
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There's a better chance I get the call for an episode of Hot Ones before the Bears make the big game so I might as well eat up. I've got to be prepared.

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