If you've watched one episode of Season 2 of the award-winning TV show The Bear you should already know this, opening a restaurant in Illinois is difficult.

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As someone who has never owned a restaurant and probably never will, I thought the trials and tribulations the characters went through on-screen were great theater.

Well, The Bear is more on point than I originally thought. Check out the NSFW clip.

Then there's the news of a study that just came out highlighting the states where it's most expensive to open a restaurant.

California, New York, and Colorado are one, two, and three on the list.

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With high annual food service permits and liquor license costs, among state and corporate sales rates, Illinois ranked 4th most expensive overall.

The Center Square:

Illinois had the highest state corporate tax rate out of the 10 most expensive states at 10%, with a 5% state sales tax rate. The study puts Illinois' annual liquor license fee at $750 and annual food service permit at $450. The yearly rent per square foot in Illinois was at $28.42.

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When you think about the success rate of restaurants it makes you wonder why anyone would even think about opening a spot.

Food Industry says a 30% failure rate is "the norm" for restaurants in America.

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Even more dire, another study says 60% of restaurants don't make it past year one while 80% "go under in five years."

So it goes without saying, that opening and then running a successful restaurant in Illinois is a massive challenge. Is there a local restaurant you know and love that needs some support? Share the name with us.

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