Living in Illinois comes with some unwritten rules that need to be followed. This is why you'll be asked to leave if you ask for ketchup before eating your Chicago dog. Heinz is here to rescue your dog is you MUST have ketchup.

The Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

Is a HOT DOG a sandwich?

Chicago Style Hot Dog
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It's meat in between two bread pillows, so it has to be a sandwich

Do you put ketchup on a HOT DOG?


If you're a ketchup lover, you'll need to hide it away in most restaurants in Chicago. In some cases, if it's a hot dog joint, they won't even have any.

And they won't waste any time making you aware of that fact.

The photo above is a screenshot from a new video from the makers of Heinz brand Ketchup.

They're coming for you, Illinois mustard snobs.

The next time you're visiting Chicago and you hear your heart cry out for some of that 'red hot dog sauce', just remain calm, step outside and smack for some Heinz.
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According to Book Club Chicago, to help ALL ketchup lovers, Heinz is installing small billboards around Chicago, telling you to, "Smack for Heinz."

You just have to smack the sign

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And some ketchup packets come out of the opening below for you to put on your hot dog. I refuse to call it a Chicago dog because you just put ketchup on it, and it should never be there.

I stand with the MUSTARD ONLY crowd.

It's just how we are in Illinois. If you live here, we're going to make fun of you for putting ketchup on your dog.


If you'd like to nominate a place that denies your ketchup love to get one of these billboards, you can suggest the place at reports that for now, the Heinz billboards are outside Wieners Circle, 2622 N. Clark St., and by Navy Pier, including a few other spots.

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