When traveling, you have to stop at least once or twice for bathroom breaks, gas, or even a place to stay the night, and there's nobody better to know the best spots to do those things than those who drive long distance for a living.

The Best Truck Stops

Trucker Path has announced the Top 100 truck stops for 2022. Iowa is on the list more than a couple of times, and it makes sense since Interstate 80 runs through the whole state, and crosses the country from San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey - coast to coast.

Semi-trailer truck

Trucker Path put a poll out to all of their app users to see where the best truck stops are, and the number one stop is located in Iowa.

About Trucker Path

Trucker Path is a specialized app for truckers who travel for a living, with mapping and navigation, a dispatch service, and more.

According to Trucker Path's website, "Millions of truckers all over the country use Trucker Path to find the closest truck stop, available parking, weigh station, fuel stops, trip planning, and truck-safe routing."


Our go-to authority on all things trucking, Jason, said "Trucker Path” which is THE go-to app for just about all things truckin'."

This poll of truck stops was given to their app users to make the call on where the best stops were across the United States.

Iowa Makes The Top 100 Four Times

Iowa made the "Top 100 Truck Stops" list a total of four times, with stops across the state.

#54: Sapp Bros Travel Center: 

Google Maps
Google Maps

Sapp Bros Travel Center, specifically in Percival, Iowa ranked #54 on Trucker Path's list.

Omaneb left a review on TripAdvisor for Sapp Bros.

"We’re amazed at the cleanliness of the restrooms and the options available including bidet, and shower rooms. The dining room provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner options and a full salad bar. Well-stocked snacks and unique gifts for purchase. Definitely, a great place to gas up but take a relaxing break from driving."

#22: Iowa 80 - The World's Largest Truck Stop

Everyone in the state of Iowa is familiar with The World's Largest Truck Stop in Walcott.

Google Maps
Google Maps

With 900 truck parking spots, a multitude of fast food chains in their food court, a full 24-hour restaurant, dentists office, chiropractor, barber shop, convenience store, movie theater, laundry, showers, library, gift shop, truck service center, and wash, and a full trucking museum, this is an unforgettable spot.

#13: Kwik Star #303

Kwik Stars have taken over the gas and convenience store in the state of Iowa in the past few years, and it's no surprise to see one on the list.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Lea Lundquist left a recommendation for Kwik Star #303 on Facebook.

"I love this location. The people who work there always give a good experience. I’m a truck driver this is my hope I can park here!"

The #1 Truck Stop In The Country is In Davenport Iowa

As previously stated, Kwik Stars have popped up around the state of Iowa, with eight locations in Davenport built since the mid-2010s.

Trucker Path's list of Top 100 Truck Stops in the US is topped with one of those eight locations - Kwik Star #1071.

One of the newest locations in town, it's so new that it hasn't made it onto Google's Streetview yet.

Kwik Star #1071 is located right where I-280 and Highway 61 intersect, just before the outskirts of town in Davenport.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Multiple rave reviews lay on loc8nearme for Kwik Star #1071, which of course, we've included below.

Jan wrote: "Love this store and the staff!! Employee Harry was absolutely awesome and amazing. I was in the car waiting for my partner to come out and the family beside me did not have enough money to pay for their items. He ran out of the store with the items and gave them to the lady. The little girls were crying. I was in my car crying as it was absolutely amazing he paid for it out of his pocket and said we are thankful for our customers to have a great night and happy holidays. I started bawling."

Steffhan Taylor left a five-star review as well. "Great Parking area, wonderful selection of foods & extra treats. Great customer service."

Sebrina Herliska left a raving review for the store as well, one we can all identify with.

"I can stock up on a few groceries for the truck without typical truck stop price gouging. Store is always clean and bright. Glazer donuts are awesome! Easy, spacious truck spots. And the employees always seem to be having way too much fun! We always stop when we're going that way."

Where is your favorite place to stop when you travel???

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