Over the weekend, the Glens Falls Fire Department received a call for a "confirmed structure fire" in an upstate city.


This House Is Lit

The Glens Falls Fire Department was called out to a house for a “confirmed structure fire” in the upstate city on Saturday.

When they arrived, they were surprised to find that it was actually an impressive Halloween display at a home.

The Realistic Halloween Decoration

The homeowners had created an elaborate setup that made it look like the house was engulfed in flames, complete with faux flames, LED lights, a fog machine, a box fan, and a silver sheet.


The fire department was impressed with the display and announced that it would be open for the public to view on Friday and Saturday nights until the end of October.

Comments On The Video

Many Facebook commenters praised the homeowners for their creativity and surrealism.

One neighbor even complimented the realistic-looking decoration, saying, "Way to go John & Matt, it is so realistic!"

The fire department also applauded the homeowners for their impressive Halloween display and thanked them for the fun call. “They were both amazing! Thank them again we like these calls.”

“That’s impressively surreal! Gonna be getting a lot of calls for this one,” someone else exclaimed.

“Wow, that’s insane, how realistic it looks is crazyyyyy,” another said.

However, one person said it “might be a good idea to notify the fire department that you’re doing this so they know if they get a call for it.”

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