The Iowa Board of Medicine has highlighted a concerning incident involving an acupuncture patient who was left abandoned and had to seek help from law enforcement.

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Acupuncture Horror Story

According to official records and a report from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, on June 12, 2023, a male patient visited the office of XiaoDong “Dave” Wang, a licensed acupuncturist in Rock Rapids, Iowa. Allegedly, after inserting acupuncture needles into the patient’s body, Wang left the clinic, went home, and fell asleep.

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The patient, feeling left in a vulnerable situation, removed the needles himself and reached out to the sheriff’s office for assistance. Deputies noted that the patient had waited for Wang to return for an hour and a half and attempted unsuccessfully to contact him by phone before resorting to seeking help from law enforcement.

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The Acupuncturists Gets Penalized

As a result of this incident, the Board of Medicine charged Wang with professional incompetence, claiming that he did not meet the expected standard of care for an acupuncturist. The board settled the case with a warning and imposed a $500 penalty on Wang. Although the agreement was reached in January, it has only recently been disclosed to the public. Wang has chosen not to comment on the matter.

Wang was initially issued a license by the Board of Medicine in 2018, which is scheduled to expire in October.

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