You've probably noticed a hike in prices at the grocery store lately, especially if you're an Iowan. In fact, if you happen to own a chicken that lays eggs, you might feel like royalty with the way things are going. It's concerning to see how quickly things can change, and recent world events have only opened our eyes to the extent of how bad things can get.

It's becoming increasingly likely that the next time you visit your local supermarket, you may not find some of your favorite foods on the shelves.

Reports are showing that Iowa, along with the rest of the world, is facing a potential food shortage crisis. It's worth examining the possible reasons behind these shortages and what foods may be at risk, especially here in the Hawkeye state.


Food Shortages: A Growing Concern

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries.  Not just the restaurant down the road that has to close its door 3 days a week due to staffing issues.  It also affected the food industry.

From labor shortages to supply chain disruptions, the pandemic has caused a ripple effect that is now causing concerns about potential food shortages. In addition to the COVID dilemma, some parts of the world are facing severe droughts and other weather-related issues that are affecting crop yields.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash
Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

What Can We Do?

While we can't control the weather or global supply chains, there are some steps we can take to mitigate the risk of food shortages. First, we can try to eat more plant-based meals, which require fewer resources to produce. We can also try to buy local and support small farmers.

I'd also say we can be more mindful of our food waste and try to reduce it as much as possible.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash
Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

What Foods are at Risk?

While the potential for food shortages is concerning, not all foods are equally at risk. According to a report by the USDA, the following foods are currently facing potential shortages:

Some of the most at-risk foods include staples in your home.

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