Nothing can stir up both creativity and criticism like a wedding.

Hey friends, Bachelorette of the QC here. It's wedding planning season and there are plenty of reasons for folks getting hitched this year to be stressed out. It seems like nearly every wedding has family drama in it to some extent and often times, people who shouldn't have an opinion about the wedding definitely do.

How To Cause A Rift In Two Words Or Less


One of the most hotly debated wedding trends of 2024 is nothing new but it continues to be an issue:

child-free weddings.

It seems like the debate is just continuing on for this new wedding season. The New York Times reports that a study of 4,000 U.S. couples getting married in 2024 found that 79.5% of them are in favor of child-free weddings.

There are two sides to this debate. Parents are saying that it's exclusionary since a wedding should be about "community" and that it forces the parents to find a babysitter and make arrangements for the kid. For those reasons, invitations have been declined.

The other side of this argument is that the brides/grooms-to-be have spent a lot of money on these weddings. Budgets can be tight, ordering food per chair, and a kid simply can't be there because of that. Plus, kids can be wild (I saw one kid wipe her mouth on a bride's dress) and they probably shouldn't be around a bunch of drunk adults.

Personally, I tend to agree with the latter. Weddings to me are an adult event. A Wisconsin wedding planner finds that many millennials and young couples nowadays do too, since the weddings are coming out of our own pockets, not our parents'.

What do you think about child-free weddings? Let me know in the app!

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