A downtown Davenport and Rock Island business will be closing down it's services soon.

Quad Cities Pedal Pub, the pedal tavern you've likely seen around, announced on Instagram that they will be stopping rides effective on August 31st. The company has routes in both downtown Davenport and in Rock Island.

The Instagram post caption says:

It’s been a great 4 years growing our business in the Quad Cities! Unfortunately, this operation will come to a close on August 31. Please know that the inconvenience to our customers is unintentional. We appreciate the love and support from the QC and surrounding areas; thank you for your business! We hope that you’ll continue supporting Pedal Pubs in Sioux City, Des Moines, and across the country. We do have openings available this weekend, see our booking link below. For all reservations cancelled, your refunds are coming soon, thanks for your patience. Again, we do have openings available this weekend, it would be great to have one last ride with you all, see our booking link below. Thanks for the memories.

You've likely seen (likely heard) bachelorette parties or large groups of people on these things.

QC Pedal Pub Facebook
QC Pedal Pub Facebook

The closure comes about a couple of months after the City of Davenport prohibited the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the Pedal Pub. There's no word if the closure is a direct result of that.

The post says that any rides canceled by the closure will be refunded.

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