It's the holiday season and that has us still thinking, "It wasn't a fair catch." If you don't know what that refers to, you might not be an Iowa Hawkeyes fan.

NBC Sports via YouTube
NBC Sports via YouTube

We have the perfect gift for the Iowa Hawkeyes fans in your life. This includes turning your Elf on a Shelf into a true Hawkeye fan with this simple sign I made for you.

It Wasn't A Fair Catch

Let's take a trip back to October 21, 2023. At Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa, the Iowa Hawkeye offense was doing terribly in the second half of the game against the Minnesota Gophers.

With 1:40 left to go in the game and Iowa down 12-10, Minnesota punted the ball to Iowa, and there to receive was Cooper DeJean. DeJean initially didn't catch the ball, but let it bounce once at the Iowa 49-yard line before grabbing it at the 46.

DeJean then returned the ball 54 yards to put Iowa ahead of Minnesota essentially securing the Hawkeyes win. That seemed to be the case until the officials announced a call no one had heard before: Invalid Fair Catch.

Elf On A Shelf Becomes A Hawkeye Fan

You've seen signs calling out the egregious call at the World Series:

We've seen it turned into costumes:

And even turned into a shirt by RAYGUN:

This holiday season, make your Elf on a Shelf a Hawkeye fan or make it into a new ornament on a tree with this mini-sign of your own made by me:

Elf On A Shelf Sign

attachment-EOAS Fair Catch (3)


attachment-EOAS Fair Catch (2)

To make this easier to print out, we have buttons below that are PDFs depending on which sign you want. The circles are the cutout spots to either have your Elf hold the sign on the bottom of the hole to punch out to make it an ornament.

Both items are 3.5x2 inches. Just click the buttons below to download and print! Make sure you share with your friends and send us pictures of your "It Wasn't A Fair Catch" sign so we can share it!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, oh, and it wasn't a fair catch:

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