Iowa folks seem to be spending a lot of money on matrimony lately.

I've been Team Elope for years and as the prices of wedding venues, vendors, dresses, and products seem to skyrocket, I've never been so confident in my decision. The numbers are in from 2022 and families or couples seem to be really coughing up the cash for the dream day.


The wedding website The Knot looked at the average cost of a wedding by state in 2022. The national average was $30,000 (can't make that up) and while Illinois's average wedding cost definitely was above that, Iowa's looks docile in comparison but it's still a wad of dough.

Iowans Are Averaging This Much On Weddings

I'm enough of a romantic to appreciate a warm fuzzy wedding but come on. The Knot's 2022 study found that the average cost of a wedding in Iowa is $19,000. Here's the national ranking of vendors, from most to least expensive:

  • venue (banquet halls and also barns are still popular, apparently)
  • engagement ring (national average $6,000)
  • live band
  • wedding photographer
  • florist & rehearsal dinner (tie)
  • videographer
  • wedding dress & wedding planner (tie)
  • reception DJ
  • transportation
  • wedding cake & invitations (tie)

Other factors are subjective, like catering per person is $75, but how many people are you going to invite? It's the same thing with your bridal party, how many girls will need their hair and makeup done?

2023 Popular Wedding Dates & Trends

The Knot's Real Weddings is already looking at what brides are doing this year and here are the top dates and trends.


  • Sept. 23
  • Oct. 7
  • Oct. 14
  • May 20
  • Oct. 21


  • Barns. Weddings & receptions in barns are still a thing. But brides love banquet halls too (why the study roped the two totally different vibes together, I couldn't tell you.)
  • 77% of women are planning to have the ceremony & reception in the same place.
  • Average planned guest count: 115 (not sure I even like that many people)
  • Personalized decor (like monograms)

Would you spend $19,000 on a wedding? Did yours cost that much? Let us know in the app chat!

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