It's hard to tell if people in Illinois are always sour, but we know what their favorite Halloween candy is.

If you plan on passing out candy during trick-or-treating this year in Illinois, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of these sour candies ready for kids to collect.


Each State's Favorite Halloween Candy

Every year, we get an updated list from of each state's favorite Halloween candy. It's a great tool for those passing out candy on Halloween and it's interesting to see which states don't like chocolate as much as other candies.

Chocolate candies take the top two spots with Reese's Cups and number one and M&M's in second.

Hot Tamales round out the top three with Skittles taking the fourth spot and Sour Patch Kids at number five.

What candies are kids wanting in the Quad Cities? Illinois' favorite Halloween candy hasn't changed but Iowa has a new favorite. Spoiler alert: it's still a chocolate candy.


Illinois Loves Sour Candy For Halloween

For Illinois, this year isn't any different than last year. Once again, Illinois' top Halloween candy is Sour Patch Kids.

attachment-Illinois Favorite Halloween Candy

Illinois' second favorite candy is Kit Kat and Starburst came in third.

Iowa Has A New Favorite Halloween Candy

In 2022, Iowa was a big fan of the M&M's. Who doesn't like opening those mini bags of M&M's and eating them all in one bit?

This year, Iowa's new favorite candy still has chocolate in it but has an added flavor in peanut butter. The Hawkeye State's favorite Halloween candy this year is Reese's Cups.

attachment-Illinois Favorite Halloween Candy (1)

Moving down one spot to number two is Iowa was last year's favorite, M&M's. Iowa's third favorite Halloween candy this year is Hershey's Mini Bars.

Iowa sure loves getting chocolate during trick-or-treating. Speaking of, see when your Quad Cities town is doing trick-or-treating this year by clicking the button below.

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