The Darkness singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins has revealed his five favorite albums in the latest episode of AXS TV's Stranded video series, even naming a 2019 album among the bunch!

The rocker jokes at the beginning of the video that rather than these being five albums he'd take with him while stranded on an island, in his scenario, he is stuck at the bottom of a well with these handful of records.

Hawkins makes some expected selections, at least band-wise, such as The Rolling Stones and Queen, two bands who have quite obviously informed The Darkness' sound.

As great as the classics are, he's still entrenched in new music and has been really blown away by Paris Monster, a New York City duo that rely on synthesizer-driven atmospherics.

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Shouting out the group's lone full length, 2019's Lamplight, Hawkins enthuses, "They're new, they're fresh, they're exciting. There's a song on there called "Andalusia" and I just listen to it on repeat at the moment. There's so much with the melodic choices that the singer makes — they're really beautiful."

Describing the band in more detail, he continues, "They're two multi-instrumentalists. The singer plays bass and modular synthesizer and the other guy plays drums and another synthesizer. Between them, they're just making this really beautiful music. It's so well-written, the lyrics are really sort of profound and thought-provoking. It's one of those newer records that's made me excited about music again."

Listen to "Andalusia" below and check further down the page to see all five of Hawkins' favorite albums.

Paris Monster, "Andalusia"

The Darkness' Justin Hawkins' Five Favorite Albums

The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins reveals his top five albums as part of AXS TV's 'Stranded' video series.

Gallery Credit: AXS TV

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