If you were at one of Ghost's recent shows in Los Angeles, then what you likely suspected is true - the band was shooting the performances for future use. But what you may not know is that the footage will not end up as a traditional concert film.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, frontman Tobias Forge confirmed that the band's performances are being used for a movie, but it's something a little more elaborate than the standard concert film.

“We were essentially shooting a film," he states. "And we used two nights of crowds as extras...It’s going to be a film with a concert element. So a lot of what you experienced [at the two LA shows] is going to be part of this project."

Forge was then asked if his plan was similar to that of Metallica when they used crowd footage combined with a fictional story for their Though the Never film. He replied, "In the sense that it’s a concert with something else combined."

That more theatrical element to what is coming shouldn't be too much of a stretch, as Ghost have been creating scripted, story-driven teaser episodes documenting the journeys of each band leader for some time now.

Further speaking about the shows, Forge admits he was nervous about all the production that went into it, but had praise for what came out of the two nights. “When I first started putting it together, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to faint because there’s so much to think about,’" Forge says of the shows' impressive production. "Then it was, like, ‘No, no, just don’t think about it at all.’”

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One of the nights featured a ban on cell phones in the audience, something the singer appreciated. He noted, “I have never seen a crowd interact the way that they did since I was in a club band,” he adds. “They were the best shows I’ve ever done with Ghost, just because I didn’t have to see those fucking mobile phones.”

No further details were given about Ghost's pending movie, but in typical Ghost fashion it does appear to be something beyond the expected.

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