Metallica have quite the list of artists supporting them throughout their M72 World tour, which has dates scheduled as far out as September of 2024. They've also had a lot of artists support them over the last 10 years, so we wanted to look back and see everyone who's opened for the legends within that time frame.

Since 2013, Metallica has performed at least a few times each year, even in 2020. They embarked on a couple of headlining tours and played a bunch of festivals all around the world. On some tours, they had a few set opening acts play with them, whereas on others, they chose groups that were local to the area the performance was set to take place in.

This year alone, Architects, Mammoth WVH, Floor Jansen, Ice Nine Kills, Epica and Volbeat have opened for Metallica. As their North American tour kicks off, fans will also get to see Pantera and Five Finger Death Punch join them, in addition to Mammoth WVH and Ice Nine Kills.

We gathered the list of artists through various sources, including the "Past Tour Dates" section of Metallica's own website and Concert Archives. We made sure not to include festivals, because those artists weren't technically supporting Metallica directly. As you scroll through the gallery below, you'll see the artists and bands listed in chronological order since 2013, and underneath each image, the location and year that they opened is noted. Some only supported Metallica in one country, while others traveled with them.

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Scroll below to see all of the artists that have opened for Metallica over the last 10 years.

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These are all of the acts that have opened for Metallica over the last 10 years.

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