The boys in blink-182 lived up to the classic "What the Fuck Is Up Denny's" meme when they played an unannounced show at a Denny's location in Long Beach, California, on Thursday (Oct. 26).

And while the limited gig fresh on the heels of blink's When We Were Young 2023 sets this past weekend was technically a secret, it had been teased by the band — indeed, by asking, "What the fuck is up?" — during the Oct. 21–22 festival and online.

See footage from blink-182's Denny's show below.

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"blink 182 played in a denny's in long beach tonight," one attendee said on X, the social media site formerly known as Twitter. They added, "i genuinely cannot believe i typed those words lmao."

As shown by another attendee in a post on Thursday, blink-182 were evidently also selling official blink T-shirts emblazoned with the "What the Fuck Is Up Denny's?" slogan on the back.

But do you know where the "What the Fuck Is Up Denny's" meme originally came from?

"Denny's Grand Slam" Origin

The Houston metalcore band Live Without originated the "What the Fuck Is Up Denny's" meme back in 2013 when a YouTube video of their rowdy performance at an area Denny's location went viral.

The exhortation was shouted by the lead vocalist before inducing a circle pit. Several bands have attempted to replicate it, now most notably blink-182, who last year reunited with their formerly estranged guitarist and vocalist, Tom DeLonge.

Blink-182 Denny's Music Video

A Reddit source reported blink-182 were using their Denny's visit to shoot a music video for the song "Anthem Part 3" from their new album One More Time…, which was released Oct. 20. According to info at, it was the sole song blink played at the secret gig.

Another fan video from the surprise blink-182 Denny's event shows DeLonge giving direction to a child actor, lending further credence to the band making a video there.

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Blink-182 Play Denny's - Oct. 26, 2023

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