With nu-metal making a resurgence, one poster on Reddit asked for suggestions on the best modern nu-metal acts that are helping keep the genre thriving in 2024.

Sure, everyone remembers Korn, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park bringing nu-metal to the masses at the turn of the century, but what new bands have stepped up to lead the nu-metal resurgence? Reddit commenters were definitely chock-full of suggestions.


The most upvoted comment threw out Tetrarch as a band that "embraces nu metal." The person added, "They admit their influences are Linkin Park, Slipknot and Korn." However, they caution that "true numetal wasn’t ever trying to 'sound like numetal,' they were just combining genres they loved." In that spirit, the commenter added bands such as 100 gecs, Poppy, Omerta, HEALTH, Loathe, Dropout Kings, and Chat Pile to the list, stating, "[They] just do their own thing and push back against the norms of conventional genre pigeon-holing. That’s what the original pioneers of numetal were doing."

Tetrarch, "I'm Not Right"


Another popular name oft-mentioned throughout the thread was Tallah. "I’m only now just dipping into modern influenced Nu Metal and Tallah and Bloodywood are my go-to," remarked one person on the thread, with the initial author then agreeing to check them out.

Tallah, "For the Recognition"

City Morgue

The thread took a bit of a detour, with one person responding, "These guys aren't technically nu metal but city morgue is trap metal, kinda feels like the natural evolution of nu metal."

"City Morgue is perfect," added another commenter, then adding Ghostemane into the mix as well. "Trap metal is another good corner of nu-metal influence," added yet a third person. "Other than city morgue I'd say ghostemane like the other person in this thread, also bruhmanegod and kamiyada."

City Morgue, "Arson"

What Other Names Were Mentioned?

One group with a little more airplay and history on their side was From Ashes to New, while 100 gecs, Bloodywood, Vended, Wargasm, Silly Goose, Loathe, Alpha Wolf, Cane Hill and Sleep Theory also received repeated mentions.

From Ashes to New, "Heartache"

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