There are bands you may not like, but one Reddit user put some serious dedication into coming up with 200 bands they'd listen to before Puddle of Mudd.

Admittedly, the author of the list later revealed in the comments, "This is mostly a joke. I don’t hate them as much as my post would suggest. Although they won’t be making any of my playlists anytime soon," but the dissecting of their list was already underway.

What Made the List?

It was a wide-ranging grouping of acts that received mention, spanning from early rock pioneers and classic rock artists through more modern indie, alt-rock and metal subgenre acts.

Early rock pioneers such as Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly made the list. So did '60s superstars The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. There was love for modern pop stars such as Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift and deeper dives with such less obvious acts as Snail Mail, Marietta, Merchant Ships, Turnover, Skeggs, Bodyjar and more. And that's just a sampling of the 200 acts listed, with the full list accounted for in the Reddit thread.

What the Buck?

One of the more common discussions in the thread concerned Buckcherry, with the author revealing he actually made a mistake.

"You lost me at Buckcherry lol," replied one commenter, with the author responding, "Haha, it's supposed to be Buckethead." Later, another person argued that "at least [Puddle of Mudd] are better than Buckcherry or Trapt."

Yet another person chimed in on Buckcherry noting, "Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the effort put into this list.. but buck cherry before puddle of mudd……. Hate to be that guy but they’re way better than buckcherrry. if I hear 'crazy bitch' one more time, I’m one step closer to committing great crimes against the United States government."

Who Else Did Redditors Want to Add?

As with anytime someone makes a list, there's always additions that people are vocal about. One person was especially vocal about the band Socialburn that they felt was a "better version of Puddle of Mudd."

  • "Socialburn is like a better version of Puddle of Mudd for anyone that actually does enjoy that style of post-grunge .... I gotta take the opportunity to plug Socialburn though because they’re pretty slept on."

Elsewhere, fans picked out some glaring omissions.

  • "The fact that Godsmack isn’t here, but TAYKOR SWIFT is, is just gross," added one other person."
  • "Replace Taylor Swift with NOFX n you have a pretty good list."
  • "So you would listen to Puddle of Mudd before Alice in Chains?"
  • "Damn, you rather listen to Puddle of Mudd over Incubus."
  • "You forgot psychostick."

In Defense of Puddle of Mudd

Not all the comments were bagging on Puddle of Mudd. In fact, you could say that there were a few who would "come clean" about their appreciation for the Wes Scantlin-led band (or at least some of their works).

  • "My hot take is that Puddle of Mudd is not actually bad though. The Nirvana cover was absolutely terrible, don’t get me wrong. But their original songs are better and they often feel pretty heartfelt and sincere. People are quick to hate on them in a similar vein to Nickelback, but Puddle of Mudd does have some pretty great songs if you’re willing to give them a chance. I can totally understand that the vocal style isn’t for everyone too."
  • "Wes didn’t handle fame well, but he wrote some good songs."
  • "They suck but blurry is immaculate."
  • "Blurry is better than any buckcherry song."
  • "I'm gonna go listen to Blurry now."

Puddle of Mudd, "Blurry"

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