Thanks to some college towns in Iowa, we are seen as a pretty young state. We also all just feel young as well... So I'll also say that helps too!

A team at Coventry Direct wanted to know which cities are populated with younger individuals versus which cities are populated with older individuals. They decided to have this study take a look at Census data across the 50 major U.S. cities. Two Iowa cities made it into the top 20, and one made it into the top 4.

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Iowa's Youngest Town

Turns out Ames, IA was ranked number 4 on the list of cities containing the youngest people. Iowa City ranked number 18 with a few other cities in the Us. You can see that here. That means that both Ames and Iowa City are our two youngest cities.

Looks like college towns really help these rankings!

The Full List

Honestly, this list seems very random. The top five youngest cities were as follows:

1. Provo, UT

2. Logan, UT

3. Manhattan, KS

4. Ames, IA

5. Jacksonville, NC

The list shows that many Midwestern and Southern cities were home to many young residents, you can find that list here.

The Oldest Cities In America

They also took a look at the oldest cities in the united states and the top five of that list is as follows:

1. The villages, FL

2. Punta Gorda, FL

3. Homosassa, FL

4. Vero Beach, FL

5. Prescott, AZ

Wow, Florida found itself in that to 5 a majority of the time. The result from this test was that 11 Florida cities made the top 20 list, including four among the five cities with the oldest residents. So, the Florida stereotype seems to be true after all.

Something I found interesting was how much the older generation likes beaches, Another popular trend among the oldest cities in America was their proximity to the beach.

In the end, these trends seem to follow and confirm what most researchers expected. Older people want to live in nicer tropical places while college towns significantly bring down ages in areas.

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