Going on vacation is great, but getting TO the airport to catch a flight is usually not, especially in Chicago. If you dread dealing with the transportation headaches of getting to O'Hare International Airport, soon you'll be able to rise above it, literally, by taking an air taxi.

Did the show 'The Jetsons' Truly Predict the Future?

I'm sure you've seen a post like this come across your social media before, but does it boggle your mind every time you see it as it does mine?

Every time I see that photo I wonder, did the creators of 'The Jetsons' truly believe their ideas would be the wave of the future, or did they just create things they thought were too far-fetched to ever be reality? Well, soon we'll be able to check "flying cars" off our Jetsons-predict-the-future list. Seriously.

Air Taxis Coming to O'Hare International Aiport

Fox 32 Chicago reports that United and Archer Aviation will be debuting air taxis to take Chicago residents to O'Hare Aiport by the year 2025.

So, what exactly is an air taxi? Here's how Bryan Bernhard of Archer Aviation explained them to Fox 32 Chicago;

It's a vertical lifting vehicle that flies about 150 miles an hour. It's a one pilot, four passenger vehicle and does very quick 20 to 40-minute trips. And then it takes about 15 minutes to charge once you land.

Once the FAA certifies the aircraft and they figure out a close place to land them at O'Hare Airport, these air taxi rides will only be available for direct routes from City Center in Chicago to ORD. Rides will cost somewhere between $100-$150, but that price might be well worth it to avoid driving in the typical construction and traffic mess of downtown Chicago, don't ya think?

Here's a glimpse of what an air taxi ride will look like from United...

Are you ready to hop on board? Send us an app message and let us know what you think.

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