Cannabis grow lab to open at junior college in Illinois.

Even before Illinois legalized recreational weed, the pot industry had already become big business. Especially, when you add in medical marijuana. Now that Illinois has joined in the fun, the state is reaping in all the monetary benefits. Millions of dollars have been earned through the sale of it. Now, many other states are in the process of jumping on the weed bandwagon. There is even talk of it getting considered on the federal level. That would be huge.

As the marijuana industry grows, that means there will be more and more jobs available in that field. Many will need more education than just on-the-job training. Some colleges have already started offering classes about the cannabis business. This will continue to increase. If I was to start over again, I would definitely consider it.

There is one school that has been all in since the beginning and their program keeps growing. It is Oakton Community College in Des Plaines. Plus, it is a great way to attract more students to their campus. Their program is now in its second year. It started in 2019. The first certificate available was for Cannabis Dispensary and Patient Care Specialist. Recently, they added Cannabis Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

According to,

"A community college in the Chicago suburbs is going to have students practice growing weed. Now, they are opening up a cultivation lab where students can learn how to grow cannabis. The students will not be growing actual marijuana in the lab, at least for now."

They are stuck growing hemp right now because of the federal laws.

Research has found that there are at least ten-thousand jobs available in the cannabis industry in Illinois alone. Of course, a top ten city for pot jobs is Chicago. Hopefully, this program will help fill the need and future students will take advantage of this growing industry.

If you are looking for a new career, weed might be the answer. Just the opposite of what you learned about pot back in the day. Now, just say yes.

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