OMG this dude...An Illinois guy was arrested for a carjacking and bragged to the arresting officer, "I'll be out by Sunday." I think he meant on a Sunday, 22 years from now! FoxNews

Harvey Illinois resident Jordan Henry was pretty good at talkin' smack when he got arrested, or at least he thought so...So here's what happened:

Henry tried to carjack someone, and it didn't work. He got the wallet and cell phone but not the car...Shoot, try again. He carjacked a second car and was successful for at least a little bit.

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A high speed chase with the cops started, Henry had the car up over 100mph during the chase. Henry blew out his tires and took off on foot. K-9 went after him and got him...Oh he punched the K-9 by the way, I wonder how much THAT factored in the end result?

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So, Henry is cuffed and he's being arrested he bragged to the arresting officer, "I'll be out by Sunday." Not so fast dude, this isn't going to work out for you.

Henry was charged and found guilty of:

Three counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking

Two counts of armed robbery

One count of unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon

Henry had his day in court, and the judge was not entertained by him wrong doings or his "bragging." The judge sentenced the man to 22 years, not out by the weekend but 22 freakin' years!

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My favorite part of the story, the Will County Sheriff's Office posted a picture of the K-9 dog to their Facebook page that he punched. The caption reads, "As you can see, he is doing fine!"

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