I-Rock 93.5 and The Dispensary want to help you out this month.  Because April is the month for the munchies.  OK, maybe it's more than just April for you.  But there is something special about the month of April that makes it a little better.

This is why we are going to hook you up with something to take care of those munchies weekdays at 4:20 on I-Rock 93.5.

The 4:20 Crunchy Munchy Song of the Day


All April long you have a chance to win a gift card to satisfy your hunger.  Just listen to I-Rock 93.5 at 4:20 p.m. for the Crunchy Munchy song of the day.  Be caller 9 and you will win.  That way after your stop at The Dispensary in Fulton, you can also have some food ready to go.

It's just that simple.  Cause really, something like, we can't make that complicated for you.

All this week (April 17-21) we'll take care of you with $50 to The Pub in Milan.

Listen and win and get ready for 4:20.

How 4/20 became the weed holiday.

Unsplash - Manish Panghal
Unsplash - Manish Panghal

The legend that is 420.  Where did it start?  Most will say there were some California teenagers who smoked every day at 4:20 pm. As it spread  420 became code for smoking marijuana.

Of course, there are also those that believe it started with Police Code for weed, Hitler's Birthday, or Bob Dylan.  But whatever the reason, it truly now is the day of smoke.


While here in the Quad Cities marijuana is only legal on one side of the bridge, it could be coming to Iowa as well.  Movements are in place to legalize in Iowa.  Don't hold your breath (unless you just took a really big hit) for that to pass as it's still very early in the stages.

Until then, head over to The Dispensary in Fulton to check out their stash, and then listen at 4:20 to cure your munchies with I-Rock 93.5.

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