Now that Tommy Vext is no longer with Bad Wolves....wait, you mean you missed all the drama!?  Ok, well here is a quick run down.

January 9th, the band and Tommy make it official they are splitting up.

January 11th, Tommy tells his fans not to cyber bully the remaining members of Bad Wolves.

January 12th, the former band members say Tommy is not out of the band due to "cancel culture".

January 14th, Tommy releases a statement about the "smear campaigns" that were launched to destroy his career.

Ok, now that you are all caught up.  The basics you need to know is that a band that had 4 number one hits and 2 more top 10 hits in three years is no longer the same band.  The remaining members will continue to produce music and tour as Bad Wolves but without Tommy as the lead singer.

So that brings me to their 6 top ten songs and I-Rock 93.5.  What do us rock fans now do with their music.  Is it gone from our ears now cause we know they are gone?  Or do we enjoy the tunes they gave us cause they are still good songs.

Vote below on their songs below and let your voice be heard to help shape I-Rock 93.5.

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