While heading out to the stage at Pantera's gig at Knotfest Chile last Sunday (Dec. 11,) guitarist Zakk Wylde hyped himself up in very Zakk Wylde way. Cue: The Ultimate Warrior, action figure.

Holding an action figure of pro wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior, Wylde took the 2 minute walk from backstage at the Estadio Monumental David Arellano in Santiago, Chile, and took a POV video as the Warrior greeted people in classic Warrior-style grunts and growls (grunts and growls provided by Zakk Wylde.) The Warrior eventually wound up onstage to the cheers of the crowd.  Thankfully Wylde tweeted this video for all to see, see it at the end of this post.

(A Version of) The Ultimate Warrior Action Figure

That Zakk Wylde Hypes Himself Up With

The Ultimate Warrior was a standout wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation in the late 80's to the early 90's. He was known for a wonky storyline with Hulk Hogan, who he eventually took the championship belt from in 1991. The Warrior passed in 2014 due to a heart attack. Rest In Power.

Wylde is apparently a big fan of The Warrior, as evidenced by a tweet from few years back, and was roasted by a blow-up doll of the wrestler at the Guitar World Rock and Roll Roast in 2012. (Warrior voice again ostensibly provided by Zakk Wylde.)

In the video from Knotfest Chile, Wylde/Warrior is led by security from the backstage area, through hallways and over catwalks, growling at amused crew members and press. At one point, the security leading Wylde gruffly scolds a crew member to "put away their phone (while working)," and The Warrior tries to smooth it over, saying, "Hey what's going on guys ai yi yi yaaaaaa." Ridiculous. The video ends with The Warrior onstage greeting thousands of fans who erupt in a joyous roar.

Hopefully we'll get more Ultimate Warrior videos as Pantera continues their South American trek through the 18th of this month. Sadly, bassist Rex Brown will miss the rest of the 2022 tour as he recovers from COVID-19. But there is reason for U.S. fans to rejoice, as Pantera has recently announced their first stateside appearance in the New Year at Rock Fest in Wisconsin in July. The were also confirmed earlier today to be a co-headliner for the 2023 Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Have Warrior, will travel.

Zakk Wylde Walks Out as The Ultimate Warrior at Knotfest Chile Dec. 11

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