You know when you're driving and just randomly see something really weird. Usally it's a driver doing something dumb or driving dangerous? Well, yesterday I saw the aftermath of that driving about 10 minutes after it happened. Thankfully it looked like no one was hurt, but I'm so confused about how this happened.


Maybe I just don't understand physics, but how does a car flip over going straight in a residential area where the speed limit is 25? I could see maybe taking a tight turn leading to this, but again the road is straight.

If you zoom in on the pictures, there are no tire swerve marks on the road to show a slamming on the breaks, no tire tracks in the grass, and no other damage to other cars... What happened?!


Thankfully people had stepped up to help out in the situation, and they appeared to have it handled, and the driver did not seem to have any major injuries.


A major shout out to these great Iowans who used their knowledge to help with this very weird situation. The car looked like it littery just randomly flipped out of the blue. One second it's up right not second it's upside down.

This was one of the most random things I had seen while driving in a long time, and none of the people with me knew how this happened. Someone across the street also yelled,

"Hey, You Can't Park There!"

Clearly a joke, but it appeared that no one had any idea how or what happened on this random Iowa road. Again, thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Have you ever seen something wild like this in the most random spot? Let us know through our App

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