Oh here is Fall!  We've been spoiled this Fall with warm days and even warm enough nights.  But now, that is all changing.  I mean, this is the end of October in the Mid-West, it's going to get cold.  But how cold does it need to get in your house before you finally turn on the heater?

Let's first start with how cold it's really about to get.  Looking at the next 14 days, the coldest morning is going to be this Friday (10/22) with a low of 33.  Then after that, the highest temperature I'm seeing is 64 with an average more around 59.  The lows for the next 2 weeks will mostly be in the low 40's.  This means, your house is going to get cold!  So, how cold does it need to get before you turn on the heat?

Well, I asked that question on Facebook and got a pretty big range of temps, and of course some smart-ass responses.  Which I would expect!

Some said "when I see frost" or "when my wife turns blue".  Emily said she turned it on when she couldn't feel her butt cheeks.  All seem legit.

Some with went a hard fast date.  Brian said, November 1.  Eddie said Thanksgiving.  Chelsea said January.  Yes, January.  I'm assuming that Chelsea listens on the app and likes us from Florida.  Cause that is crazy.

Most gave a temp that they don't let it slip past.  The high range was 69...but I feel that might have been talking about something else.  With the lowest coming in at 55.  55!  The majority ended up in that mid-60-degree range which I think is acceptable.

I've managed to hold out up to the time of this story.  But with what is on the horizon...the time is ticking quickly.  Don't get me wrong, I'll wait as long as I can to turn on the heater at my house.  But at the radio station, they have plenty of money.  Crank up that heat!

Check out the full post and comments on how other folks in the Quad Cities feel about a cold house below.

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