Did you get your money from Snapchat? You might have if you chose this way to receive it. 

We live in a very interesting age in regards to technology.

So much is literally at our fingertips, but by using an app on our phones, we are giving a lot of information to the companies that run these apps.

Then, sometimes, these apps do thing they aren't supposed to do with that information and we end up with lawsuits.

Those lawsuits... class action... end up with those of us who use the app getting some cash, but is $16 worth your biometric identifiers being stored?

That's what the lawsuit was about. According to NBC 5 Chicago, the Snapchat Lenses feature 'involves the use of technology to create a face scan and creating, obtaining and storing a user's unique biometric identifiers.'

So... yes, the Snapchat class action lawsuit was filed. And yes, Illinois Snapchat users got money from the settlement, but it was a whopping $16.35.

I got mine today, in my Venmo account, which was a lot easier than cashing a check, but I expected more money.

Though I suppose if I really thought about, the low dollar amount makes sense. This lawsuit was filed as part of a $35 million settlement, whereas the Facebook lawsuit we recently had in Illinois was much larger.

The Facebook settlement was for $650 million, so the Facebook users ended up with more money.

I didn't fill out that form... so I guess I'll ne happy with my $16.35 from the form I did remember to fill out.

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