Just ahead of the release of their Blacklist album, Metallica played their iconic hit "Nothing Else Matters" live with Miley Cyrus on The Howard Stern Show earlier today (Sept. 9). The band announced the special earlier this week on their social media.

Cyrus previously recorded a cover of the song for the Blacklist album, which also featured Robert Trujillo, Elton John on piano and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith. While that rendition was quite different from Metallica's, this new performance sounds just like the original — except Cyrus tackles the majority of the vocals, and James Hetfield joins in during the choruses.

According to various posts on Twitter, Metallica praised Cyrus on the show, saying, "She belongs in rock. She’s making the right moves and she’s making the transition into an extremely extremely respected singer." John apparently also called her the "best rock 'n' roll singer out right now."

Listen to a recording of the set and see some reactions below.

The Blacklist album commemorates the 30th anniversary of The Black Album with covers performed by over 50 artists, including Corey Taylor, Ghost, Weezer, Volbeat, Cage the Elephant and more. The collection will be available on digital and streaming tomorrow (Sept. 10), and will be out on CD and vinyl Oct. 1. Reserve your copy here now.

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