Thank God I married a smarter person than myself.  For that reason, my kids have a fighting chance.  Unfortunately for my wife...that means her husband has tapped out of helping with homework already.

4th grade, I'm pretty ok.  We're inverting fractions and converting them into whole numbers and stuff like that.  And once my 4th grader taught me how to do it I agreed that he was correct and let him proceed.

That's how I help.  "Yup, looks good.  Now you're on your own."

The 8th grader is left out to dry.  When she has a math problem she needs help with I take a look at it and say, "sucks to be you" and move on with my day.  That's what teachers are for.  Teachers teach.  DJ's make snide comments to make the others in the room laugh and look for the nearest beer.

A new poll found 40% of parents have done their kids' homework FOR them at least once.  But unfortunately, like myself...50% of parents have a hard time understanding their kids' homework assignments.  So maybe you shouldn't. 

By the way, it's across ALL subjects but math is the one kids tend to ask for help with the most. 

I don't agree with parents outright doing the kids' homework.  But also, I don't agree with homework.  If the kids need to bring stuff home to work on it's because of poor time management.  And time management should be taught at an early age.  Something you'll use you're whole life.  Unlike inverting fractions.

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