If you've spent any time on Facebook over the last couple of days you've seen the #10yearchallenge.  This is where people post a picture of themselves from 10 years ago, and a current one.  We'd love to post a picture of I-Rock 93.5 from 10 years ago...but, you know.  So, how about the music that was around in 2012 and what those bands have out now.  It's our #10YearChallenge

Listen today (1/10) from 10am-3pm as we play these artists and songs back to back so you can hear what they were doing 10 years ago, and what they are doing now.

Three Days Grace - Then:  Chalk Outline.  Now:  So Called Life

Clearly, there is quite the difference here.  That is what happens when you change lead singers.

Shinedown - Then:  Bully.  Now:  Atlas Falls

Remember when Brent Smith had long hair.  Kind of freaky to look back at that now.

Five Finger Death Punch - Then:  Coming Down.  Now:  Darkness Settles In

Not much difference I'm seeing or hearing here.

Volbeat - Then:  Still Counting.  Now:  Shotgun Blues

I was a bigger fan of Volbeat 2012 era, but here are both of them.

Slash - Then:  You're A Lie.  Now:  River Is Rising

Slash is going to live forever and never look any different.  We can do this again in 2032 and it will be the same thing.

Halestorm - Then:  I MIss The Misery.  Now:  Back From The Dead

Some of these have different sounds to them.  Others, different looks.  Lzzy has definitely changed her appearance multiple times over the 10 years.

Foo Fighters - Then:  These Days.  Now:  Love Dies Young.

The Foo Fighters will look and sound the same in another 10 years.

Corey Taylor - Then:  Absolute Zero.  Now - Chapletown Rag

Ten years ago Corey was cranking out tunes from Stone Sour.  With that band on hiatus, he's now back to making new stuff for Slipknot.

Chevelle - Then:  Hat's Off To The Bull.  Now:  Mars Simlua

Consistent sound, look and style from the fellas with Chevelle.

Papa Roach - Then:  Still Swinging.  Now:  Kill The Noise

Jacoby now has more tattoos and looks 10 years older.

Korn - Then:  Narcissistic Cannibal.  Now:  Start The Healing.

It was 10 years ago that Johnathon went through his dubstep phase and we got Narcissistic Cannibal.

Rise Against - Then:  Satellite.  Now:  Talking To Ourselves.

Rise Against looks and sounds about the same.

Godsmack - Then:  Rocky Mountain Way.  Now:  Unforgettable.

This is another guy that I feel has looked the same for basically the last 20 years.

In This Moment - Then:  Blood.  Now:  As Above So Below.

I feel like not much has changed for Maria and ITM. They may have gotten a little darker, and more theatrical with things, but it's definitely still In This Moment.

Pop Evil - Then:  Boss' Daughter.  Now:  Survivor.

There have been some lineup changes for Pop Evil over the last 10 years.  Really on the first video are you paying attention to the lineup.

Black Stone Cherry - Then:  In My Blood.  Now:  Give Me One Reason.

Is this the same person/band?

Jack White - Then:  Sixteen Saltines.  Now:  Taking Me Back.

Nobody else sounds like or looks like Jack White.  So 10 years has nothing on him.  But I think he will always be known for his black longer hair he had 10 years ago.

Mastodon - Then:  Curl of the Burl.  Now:  Teardrinker.

You probably didn't even know Mastodon has been around for 10 years.

Lamb of God - Then:  Ghost Walking.  Now:  Memento Mori.

Still ripping hard after 10 years.

Deftones - Then:  Tempest.  Now:  Ceremony.

Chino and the Deftones have sounded like, and looked like, Chino and the Deftones for more than 10 years.


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