Is Led Zeppelin or Metallica the greatest rock band of all time?

Because those were the two choices left after the votes came in and the frontrunners narrowed down over the past three weeks in our tournament bracket challenge to name the Greatest Rock Band of All-Time. But while Metallica and Led Zeppelin pulled ahead in the end, they faced off early in the contest with some similarly enduring rock 'n' roll challengers.

Rock fans who also enjoy single-elimination tournaments had a full spread to start with on March 15. Metallica, AC/DC, Five Finger Death Punch and Nirvana headed up the four corners of the first-round pairings. Bands such as System of a Down and Slipknot attempted to pull upsets, and other tough matchups included Guns N' Roses, Green Day, Foo Fighters and more.

We started overall with 32 legendary rock bands. Over succeeding rounds, Loudwire readers help cut it down to 16, and after some even more hard-fought battles, voters halved it again to the final eight rock bands in our tournament to crown the Greatest Rock Band of All Time!

In last week's Round 4, the two final brackets matched Metallica against AC/DC, while Led Zeppelin faced off against Guns N' Roses. Finally, on April 1, it was down to the last two competitors standing: Led Zeppelin and Metallica. Think you can guess who won the closing showdown?

Well, without any further ado, the results have determined that Led Zeppelin won the Greatest Rock Band of All Time tournament bracket challenge. In the final round, Zepp came in with 52 percent of the total vote, versus 48 percent of votes selecting Metallica. Indeed, that means Led Zeppelin ultimately secured the top position in the contest by just four percentage points.

Not a bad victory for a band that hasn't rocked and rolled together in a good while.

Greatest Rock Band of All Time Winner: Led Zeppelin

Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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