It's hoodie season!  That's right.  You no longer need to worry about how your arms, belly and legs look like in those shorts and "muscle" shirt.  Now you can cover it all up with a big warm fluffy hoodie.

Which is why, the I-Rock 93.5 hoodie is back up for sale.  The store will close on OCTOBER 11 which means you can't wait around to order one.  Get one for yourself, the spouse, the kids, grandma and grandpa and anybody that you need to suck up to at work.  (Note, we will take orders up till 10/11 at which time we will begin the process of ordering the hoodies and printing them.  So you should get the hoodie 10-14 days after the store closes.)

This time around, the hoodies are available in 9 colors!  Yes, you can order one in each color.  There isn't a discount if you order nine.  But if you do I'll give you a hug and a shout out.  OK, just a shout out.

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