The sounds of summer include kids playing in the pool.  Baseball.  Festivals.  And this year, trillions...yes trillions, of cicadas.

While that is a distinct noise of spring and summer, a swarm that large has not been seen in 17 years.  From Georgia to Maryland all the way to the Mississippi River.  That is where we come in.  Luckily we'll be on the fringe west side of the swarm, but according to Dr. Michael Raupp who spoke to Accuweather, "The big cicada-palooza is about to begin!"

This type of cicada is called a "Brood X cicada" and they emerge from their underground hiatus every 17 years.  Hello spring 2021!  And now this is where Dr. Raupp loses me.

"There are simply going to be billions if not trillions of periodical cicadas emerging from the ground," Raupp said. On "bright, sunny days in May," he advises, "get outside, enjoy those songs, go watch some cicadas. It's gonna be spectacular."

Enjoy those songs?  I've got a library of other songs I'd much rather here than those noisy bugs buzzing around.  According to Raupp the noise level of a swarm of these things can be 80-100 decibels.  The same as a lawnmower or jet engine flying overhead.  Yeah, perfect for that spring night fire.  Can you hear it now?  The crackling of fire.  The laughter of friends.  The sound of music.  And a million cicadas flapping their wings to drown it all out.

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I guess we should just be happy it will be warm and we are going to be able to do stuff again.  But why does there always have to be some kind of asterisk on it.  Mostly it should be my neighbors that are worried about this.  Cause it just means I have to turn up my music even louder.

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