Maybe just maybe, the greatest piece of technology ever invented...the rewind button on you t.v. remote. If you are watching your favorite NFL team, you can rewind and see if that was a "fumble." If you are watching Wheel of Fortune, you can rewind a go, "wait, did that lady just toot on t.v.?"

Pat and Vanna have seen it all, and apparently HEARD it all on "Wheel of Fortune."

This video, which is called "Wheel of Farts," stars a woman that spins the wheel and loses control of a bodily function. Pat is a pro — an absolute pro. He doesn't miss a beat, makes a funny comment, and moves on to the next spin.

Pat just kept the show spinning and didn't miss a beat. How he didn't just lose it and crack up, beats me...Check this out:

She calls out her letter with authority, and let one rip! "F!!!!" Is guessed it.

Nerves, maybe excitement, whatever was served in the greenroom that afternoon before the taping...She couldn't control her "reaction" and world heard it, from Illinois to California and every "vowel" state in between.

I suppose this could have been edited out, right? But how do you not just leave it in as they did? Excellent choice to let if sit, and crack up the nation. Again, hats off the Pat and Vanna for remaining cool under pressure and not losing it.

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