A naked and intoxicated Green Bay, Wisconsin man put on quite a show for his next door neighbors...That included him ripping down their Christmas lights...in his birthday suit. WINDSOR

A 61-year-old Wisconsin man was arrested for tearing down a neighbor's Christmas decorations while drunk and naked...Happy holidays to all! For Christmas this guy is getting disorderly conduct charges, and some oddly placed frost bite.

Richard Nelson

When cops arrived, what do you think the drunk and naked man's reasoning was? He was "taking care of" some drug dealers in the neighborhood. Yes, while drunk and naked...That'll learn ya!


So, the man that was over twice the legal limit with a breath test of 0.21 figured he would play "neighborhood watch" and go to the bad people in the neighborhood and let them know who the boss is. Getting rid of drug dealers on your street is a big deal, so you better get drunk and naked!

One of these "drug dealing" neighbors called the cops...to report there was a naked man tearing down their Christmas lights. 'tis the season? Check out the "jingle bells" maybe next time grab a stocking...a tiny one...


This guy, Gregory Brannigan was arrested for a variety of charges and will not be naked at his neighbor's home any longer. There's jail time, a lump of coal in his stocking, and the neighbor's Christmas light will stay up...Without any additional unwanted nudity.

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