In 2008, I almost bought my first home, I was literally days away from crossing the T's, dotting the I's, and signing my life away, then the market crashed and recession hit. I remember one thing specifically about the house in Rockford, Illinois, I remember seeing a really old wedding dress hanging in the attic. It gave me the chills then and it still gives me the chills today. My gut tells me that the home was haunted and I made a good decision by backing out.


I never did get clarification if the realtor knew of the house being haunted.

Actual Haunted Houses In Illinois

There are plenty of actual haunted houses in Illinois, and I'm not referring to "Boo! Scared ya!" attractions. I'm talking about houses with reported/documented paranormal activity. One of the most reportedly haunted homes in Illinois is located in Belvidere.

Toni Vanderheyden, a well-known realtor in Illinois, shared a story about a home that was so haunted it drew concern from one of her buyer's agents. The agent told Toni she didn't believe in such things but that contractors working in the house witnessed some strange activity.


Workers in the home said they heard doors slamming and banging while they were in the attic and there was no logical reason for this noise. That's not all.

The buyer's agent and a contractor heard ringing coming from an old rotary phone. The phone was not connected to anything but the wall. The contractor picked up the phone and what he heard was eerie as can be. Toni explained what he heard.

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Friendly or not, a haunted home is not a place for me or my family. The question is...

Do realtors in Illinois have to disclose if a house is haunted?

By law, in Illinois, there are a few circumstances that must be disclosed to potential buyers:

  • Unsafe Conditions
  • Environmental Healthfulness
  • Soil Problems
  • Flood Risk
  • Insect Infestation
  • Material Defects

Toni explained that a haunted house doesn't have to be disclosed but, in the interest of the buy, she encouraged the buyer's agent to share this with the soon-to-be new owners.

Did you know they also don't have to disclose a cause of death inside the home? This is 100% true.

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