There could be a few reasons you're clicking on the article:


2. To tell me, NO THEY NEVER WORK.

3. You are like me and want a real answer.

Many most likely just read the headline and already gave their angry opinions in the comments. My whole life I've seen people swear by some plants saying they work while others are certain it's just an old wives tale. Well, I need to know, so let's see if we can find out.

The post that reminded me of the plant idea was this one:

The comments gave great suggestions, and also have people agreeing with it, and of course, disagreeing with it as well.

How Does It Work?

If you look up "Do Plants Really Keep The Bugs Away?" You get thousands of articles giving you lists of different plants that keep bugs away. You most likely have heard of many of them, and may even use some yourself. I went through countless articles, and they all basically said the same thing,

Plants emit aromas that help to repel bugs. They simply don’t like the smell and therefore tend to avoid these areas.

Terminix was a big help though when looking at why they might not work,

There are additional plants that gardeners believe help repel insects, like basil, lavender and chrysanthemums, just to name a few. However, these spices and flowers may only have minimal effectiveness in helping repel insects. They should not be relied on for pest control because they'll probably fall short on the job.

It was interesting looking at both articles that said plants work, and ones that said they didn't. It was hard to find nonbias articles.

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In the end from what I've seen the same basic 5 to 20 flowers, and plants are mentioned when talking about what plants to use to keep bugs away. Some work much better than others, but none are perfect. We do know these plants have worked enough for people to notice them keeping bugs away, but they are not perfect and are not some magical protective shield from bugs.

I think the reason a lot of people say the plants DON'T work is that many articles did make it seem like these plants were miracle plants for keeping bugs away, when in fact they aren't. They do keep bugs away, but it isn't always 100%.

A bit anticlimatic I know... The final answer for "Do Plants Really Keep The Bugs Away?" Is sure. But other products might be better if you're looking to keep away more bugs for longer.

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