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My paranormal investigation has finally taken me to a place I see everyday. My place of work "The Rock 'n' Roll Mansion". Multiple stations are here with Townsquare Media including B100, I-Rock 93.5, KIIK 104.9, 97X, and ESPN 1170AM. Before this building housed some of the best stations in the QC, it was a funeral home.

Built in 1929 The Rock 'n' Roll Mansion has a long history.


At one point it was considered a state-of-the-art funeral home, but over the years the basement, where the caskets were stored has become nothing more than storage for office supplies. The chapel has become a studio, and the second floor where the body work was done has become offices.

Jake Truemper

The building became a radio station in the late 1980s and now has had countless ghost stories.

From a lady in white haunting engineers over the years, to staff hearing chapel music and singing while no studio was on, to countless footstep when no one is around.

The elevator to the basement was once said to have a male figure looming in it before the doors were nailed shut.

Ian Punnett, a morning show host at 97X years ago shared his story,

"When we would walk by the body elevator it would kick on and go from the second floor to basement, while no one was on it, and nobody hit it."

There are a few spirits rumored to be here including a woman in white, a jealous male figure who may also be the one in the elevator, a child and mother in the old chapel, a spirit in the lights, and a voice who likes to sing.

I personally had a experience during our B100 hours of non stop give aways event earlier this year. At 3 a.m. I heard a loud bang and walked outside the studio to the whole building being dark, then all at once the lights flashed on. It was truly a horrifying experience that left me not leaving the studio for the rest of the night.

Becky Riojas, Market President of Townsquare Media, also has many stories. A truly frightening one is about a ghost who doesn't like her husband. Becky said,

A couple of years ago, Rick (Becky's husband) sent me flowers for our anniversary. I set them on a table behind my desk. Flat table...When I came in the next morning my roses were on the floor, along with a picture of Rick and I. My office is locked. No one can get in without the code, so I have no idea how they would have been knocked over - and the picture of us too!

Could this jealous spirit be something to fear? Other stories include a woman by the offices on the top floor appearing so much at night that janitors have quit. A child has been seen walking through some hosts' old offices. Many here, including myself, never go to the basement alone.

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Unlike the other spots I've visited I step foot in this building every day. Hopefully someday I can snag a picture of one of the many spirits rumored to haunt this building.

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